August 13 Montreal, QC Barfly (Murray solo w/ JF Robitaille)
November 3 Montreal, QC Jailhouse (w/ Julie Doiron, The Microphones, Mirah)

January 27, Montreal, QC, Petit Campus
March 31, Toronto, ON, Horseshoe Tavern
April 6, Montreal, QC, Jailhouse (w/ Marlowe, The Datsons, Mishima)
May 19, Toronto, ON, Lees Palace (w/ Mean Red Spiders)
June 2, Montreal, QC, Cabaret Music Hall (w/ Cosmopolatain City Orchestra)
June 24, Toronto, ON, El Mocambo
July 28, Ottawa, ON, Zaphod Bebblebrox
September 2, Granby, QC, (venue?)
September 3, Lennoxville, QC, Bishop’s University
September 4, Ottawa, ON, National Gallery Court
September 24, Ottawa, ON, Zaphod Beeblebrox (w/ Mean Red Spiders)
September 28, London, ON, Call the Office
September 29, Toronto, ON, El Mocambo
October 1, Hamilton, ON, Hudson
October 21, New York, NY, FEZ Under Time Cafe, CMJ (Grand Magistery showcase)
November 23, Montreal, QC, Cafe Campus
December 3, Toronto, ON, Horseshoe Tavern

Mar 30 London, ON Call the Office
Mar 31 Toronto, ON Horseshoe Tavern
Apr 21 Halifax, NS The Marquee Club
Jun 23 Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace
Jul 1 Barrie, ON Edgefest 2001
Aug 18 Montreal, QC La Sala Rossa
Oct 3 Hamilton, ON Raven
Oct 4 London, ON The Spoke Tavern
Oct 5 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre (w/ Jane’s Addiction)
Oct 12 Montreal, Qc Cabaret Music Hall (w/ Jerome Miniere)
Oct 15 Peterborough, ON (w/ Sloan)
Oct 17 Ottawa, ON (w/ Sloan)
Oct 16 Ottawa, ON Barrymore’s (w/ Sloan)
Oct 20 Quebec City PQ, Kashmir, (w/ Sloan)
Oct 21 Montreal PQ, Club Soda, (w/ Sloan)
Oct 22 Kingston ON, Grand Theatre, (w/ Sloan)
Oct 24 Burlington ON, Big Bucks Mountain Lodge, (w/ Sloan)
Oct 25 Toronto ON, Kool Haus, (w/ Sloan)
Oct 27 Kitchener ON, The Lyric, (w/ Sloan)
Nov 2 Thunder Bay ON, Lakehead U, The Outpost (w/ Sloan)
Nov 14 London ON, U. Western, The Wave (w/ Sloan)
Nov 19 Thunder Bay, ON Armani’s
Nov 22 Saskatoon, SK Louis Pub at U of S
Nov 23 Edmonton, AB Tin Pan Alley
Nov 24 Calgary, AB The Night Gallery
Nov 25 Whistler, BC The Boot Pub
Nov 26 Vancouver, BC CBC RadioSonic Session
Nov 27 Vancouver, BC Gallery Lounge at UBC (closed)
Nov 28 Nanaimo,BC Queen’s Hotel
Nov 29 Vancouver, BC The Piccadilly Pub
Nov 30 Victoria, BC Lucky Bar
Dec 3 Winnipeg,BC Pyramid Cabaret
Dec 4 Thunder Bay, ON Lakehead Univ, The Outpost
Dec 5 Sault Saint Marie,ON Foggy Notions
Dec 6 Barrie, ON Ruanne’s
Dec 7 Ottawa, ON Zaphod’s
Dec 8 Toronto, ON Horseshoe

Apr 26 Toronto, ON The Opera House (w/ Spiritualized)
Apr 27 St. Catharine’s, ON The Nac
Apr 28 Hamilton, ON Raven
Mar 16 Austin, TX NXNE@SXSW showcase
Jun 22 Mont-Rolland, QC Bourbon Street North (w/ The Tragically Hip)
Jul 12 Quebec City, QC Periscope Hall (Festival d’Ete)
Aug 1 Toronto, ON Molson Amphitheatre (w/ The Tragically Hip)
Aug 2 Toronto, ON Molson Amphitheatre (w/ The Tragically Hip)
Sept 10 Kingston, ON Clark Hall Pub (w/ Soft Canyon)
Sept 20 Hudson, NY Bard College
Sept 23 New York, NY Joe’s Pub
Sept 24 St. Catharine’s, ON Brock Student Union (w/ Soft Canyon)
Sept 26 London, ON The Spoke (w/ Soft Canyon)
Sept 27 Montreal, QC Rialto Theatre
Sept 28 Hamilton, ON Home
Oct 2 Sudbury, ON Cambrian College (w/ Prya Thomas)
Oct 3 Waterloo, ON Wilf’s (“The Chicken Wing Joint”)
Oct 4 Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace
Oct 19 Ottawa, ON Babylon
Oct 29 Quebec City, QC Kashmir
Nov 1 New York, NY CMJ Warsaw

Dec 03, 03 at CAFE DU PALAIS (Sherbrooke, ON)
Nov 29, 03 at CAFE CAMPUS (Montreal, QC) w/ The Arcade Fire
Nov 27, 03 at KOOL HAUS (Toronto, ON) for the CASBY Awards
Nov 22, 03 at OPERA HOUSE (Toronto, ON) w/ Shawn Hewitt
Nov 21, 03 at CALL THE OFFICE (London, ON) w/ Shawn Hewitt
Nov 15, 03 at UNDERGROUND (Hamilton, ON)
Nov 14, 03 at QUEENS UNIVERSITY (Kingston, ON)
Nov 13, 03 at BARRYMORE’S (Ottawa, ON)
Nov 04, 03 at THE APOLLO (Thunder Bay, ON)
Nov 01, 03 at AMIGO’S (Saskatoon, SK) w/ Pilate
Oct 29, 03 at BRICKYARD (Vancouver, BC) w/ Pilate
Oct 28, 03 at LUCKY BAR (Victoria, BC) w/ Pilate
Oct 25, 03 at POWER PLANT (Edmonton, AB) w/ Pilate
Oct 24, 03 at SAI T (Calgary, AB) w/ Pilate
Oct 23, 03 at THE STATE (Regina, SK) w/ Pilate
Oct 22, 03 at PYRAMID (Winnipeg, MB) w/ Pilate
Oct 20, 03 at 1ST & 7TH ENTRY (Minneapolis, MO)
Oct 19, 03 at MUSIC MENU (Detroit, MI)
Oct 18, 03 at BLIND PIG (Ann Arbor, MI)
Oct 17, 03 at THE HOOK (Brooklyn, NY)
Oct 15, 03 at MERCURY LOUNGE (New York, NY)
Oct 13, 03 at TRASHETERIA (Peterborough, ON) w/ Pilate
Oct 11, 03 at CEILIDH CONNECTION (Halifax, NS) w/ Pilate
Oct 10, 03 at MARQUEE CLUB (Halifax, NS) w/ Pilate
Oct 09, 03 at ACADIA UNIVERSITY (Wolfville, NS) w/ Pilate
Oct 08, 03 at OXYGEN (Montcon, NB) w/ Pilate
Oct 07, 03 at UNB (Fredericton, NB) w/ Pilate
Oct 02, 03 at L’AUTRE CASERNE (Quebec, QC) w/ Pilate
Oct 01, 03 at LE PUB EN VILLE (Trois Rivieres, QC) w/ Pilate
Sep , 03 at O PATRO VYS (Montreal, QC) w/ Junior Pantherz
Sep 19, 03 at HIDEAWAY (St. Catharines, ON)
Sep 18, 03 at ELIXIR (Kingston, ON)
Aug 15, 03 at CLUB METRONOME (Burlington, VT) w/ Vue
Jul 26, 03 at HILLSIDE FESTIVAL (Guelph, ON) w/ Broken Social Scene
Jul 25, 03 at TRASHETERIA (Peterborough, ON)
Jul 24, 03 at FOUNDATION (Barrie, ON)
Jul 06, 03 at DUNDAS SQUARE (Toronto, ON) w/ By Divine Right
Jul 05, 03 at UNDERGROUND (Hamilton, ON)
Jun 29, 03 at CENTRAL PARK (New York, NY) w/ Daniel Lanois, Rufus Wainwright
Jun 26, 03 at SONAR (Vancouver, BC)
Jun 25, 03 at QUEENS PUB (Nanaimo, BC)
Jun 24, 03 at LUCKY BAR (Victoria, BC)
Jun 23, 03 at THE BOOT (Whistler, BC)
Jun 21, 03 at NIGHT GALLERY (Calgary, AB)
Jun 20, 03 at POWER PLANT (Edmonton, AB)
Jun 19, 03 at LOUIS PUB (Saskatoon, SK)
Jun 17, 03 at THE STATE (Regina, SK)
Jun 16, 03 at PYRAMID (Winnipeg, MB)
Jun 14, 03 at TOWNHOUSE (Sudbury, ON)
Jun 13, 03 at BABYLON (Ottawa, ON)
Jun 10, 03 at CAFE DU PALAIS (Sherbrooke, QC)
Jun 08, 03 at OXYGEN (Moncton, NB)
Jun 07, 03 at BABA LOUNGE (Charlottetown, PE)
Jun 06, 03 at MARQUEE CLUB (Halifax, NS)
Jun 04, 03 at LE PUB EN VILLE (Trois-Rivieres, QC)
May 31, 03 at CLUB SODA (Montreal, QC) w/ Moufette
May 28, 03 at Club 279 (Toronto, ON) for Edge 102.1
May 30, 03 at CLUB KASHMIR (Quebec, QC) w/ Loom
May 17, 03 at HORSESHOE (Toronto, ON) w/ Pete Elkas
May 16, 03 at CALL THE OFFICE (London, ON)
Apr 19, 03 at VOGUE THEATRE (Vancouver, BC) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 18, 03 at COMMODORE BALLROOM (Vancouver, BC) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 17, 03 at COMMODORE BALLROOM (Vancouver, BC) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 12, 03 at CONVENTION CENTRE (Hamilton, ON) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 11, 03 at KOOL HAUS (Toronto, ON) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 10, 03 at KOOL HAUS (Toronto, ON) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 08, 03 at THE DRINK (London, ON) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 07, 03 at CONGRESS CENTRE (Ottawa, ON) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 05, 03 at METROPOLIS (Montreal, QC) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 02, 03 at COLLOSEUM (Winnipeg, MB) w/ Matthew Good
Apr 01, 03 at COLLOSEUM (Winnipeg, MB) w/ Matthew Good
Mar 31, 03 at COLLOSEUM (Winnipeg, MB) w/ Matthew Good
Mar 29, 03 at KOOLER (Lloydminster, AB) w/ Matthew Good
Mar 28, 03 at JOINT ROCK ROOM (Edmonton, AB) w/ Matthew Good
Mar 27, 03 at JOINT ROCK ROOM (Edmonton, AB) w/ Matthew Good
Mar 25, 03 at THE WHISKEY (Calgary, AB) w/ Matthew Good
Mar 24, 03 at THE WHISKEY (Calgary, AB) w/ Matthew Good
Mar 23, 03 at PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE (Vernon, BC) w/ Matthew Good
Mar 21, 03 at ROYAL THEATRE (Victoria, BC) w/ Matthew Good
Mar 20, 03 at PORT THEATRE (Nanaimo, BC) w/ Matthew Good
Feb 27, 03 at PHOENIX (Toronto, ON) w/ Broken Social Scene, The Stills

2-Mar-04 Seattle, WA Crocodile Cafe (w/ Stars)
4-Mar-04 Portland, OR Roseland Grill (w/ Stars)
6-Mar-04 San Francisco, CA Cafe du Nord (w/ Stars)
7-Mar-04 Sacramento, CA Old Iron Side (w/ Stars)
8-Mar-04 Modesto, CA Fat Cat’s (w/ Stars)
11-Mar-04 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland (w/ Stars)
13-Mar-04 Tucson, AZ Plush Room (w/ Stars)
15-Mar-04 Denver, CO Climax Lounge (w/ Stars)
17-Mar-04 Austin, TX SXSW: Elk Lodge Jane Magazine Party (day show)
17-Mar-04 Austin, TX SXSW: Buffalo Billiards Tiger Style Showcase
18-Mar-04 Austin, TX SXSW: Emo’s Tag Team Media Party (day show)
25-Mar-04 Washington, DC Black Cat (w/ Stars, Broken Social Scene)
28-Mar-04 New York, NY Mercury Lounge (w/ Preston School of Industry)
29-Mar-04 Cambridge, MA T.T. The Bears’
3-Apr-04 Edmonton, AB Juno Awards: New City (w/ The Trews)
6-May-04 Kingtson, ON Elixir NIghtclub (w/ Raising The Fawn)
7-May-04 Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace (w/ Marble Index)
10-May-04 London, UK Metro
11-May-04 London, UK Water Rats
2-Sept-04 Bedford, UK Esquires
3-Sept-04 London, UK Barfly
4-Sept-04 Leeds, UK Josephs Well
6-Sept-04 Norwich, UK Arts Centre
7-Sept-04 London, UK Dublin Castle (secret show)
8-Sept-04 Birmingham, UK, Jug of Ale
9-Sept-04 Bath, UK Moles
10-Sept-04 Cardiff, UK Barfly
11-Sept-04 Sheffield, UK Leadmill
13-Sept-04 BBC Radio session with Steve Lamacq
14-Sept-04 Nottingham, UK Social
15-Sept-04 Brighton,UK Freebutt
17-Sept-04 Manchester, UK Night & Day (In The City festival)
18-Sept-04 Liverpool,UK Academy 3
19-Sept-04 Edinburgh, Scotland Venue
20-Sept-04 Glasgow, Scotland King Tuts
23-Sept-04 New York, NY Delancey Lounge (Ace Fu BBQ)
29-Sep-04 Montreal, QC Montreal Pop Festival
2-Oct-04 Boston, MA Avalon Ballroom (w/ Keane)
12-Oct-04 Toronto, ON Hummingbird Centre (w/ Morrissey by special invite)
14-Oct-04 New York, NY Sin-E (CMJ)
15-Oct-04 New York, NY Delancey Lounge (CMJ)
15-Oct-04 New York, NY D.U.M.B.O. Arts Festival
16-Oct-04 Philadelphia, PA Five Spot
19-Oct-04 Chicago, IL Metro
20-Oct-04 Indianapolis, IN The Patio (w/ VHS or Beta)
21-Oct-04 Detroit, MI Shelter @ St. Andrew’s (w/ VHS or Beta)
22-Oct-04 Windsor, ON Avalon Front
23-Oct-04 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop
25-Oct-04 New York, NY Mercury Lounge (w/ Brian Jonestown Massacre)
26-Oct-04 New York, NY Mercury Lounge (w/ Brian Jonestown Massacre)
27-Oct-04 Philadelphia, PA Khyber Pass (w/ Brian Jonestown Massacre)
28-Oct-04 Cambridge, MA The Middle East (w/ Brian Jonestown Massacre)
29-Oct-04 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s (w/ Brian Jonestown Massacre)
31-Oct-04 Los Angels, CA KROQ show (Hyundai Pavilion) (w/ Morrissey by special invite)
2-Nov-04 UK Bristol Louisiana
3-Nov-04 UK Oxford Zodiac
4-Nov-04 UK Sheffield Sheffield Uni.
5-Nov-04 UK Newcastle Bulletproof @ Northumbria Uni.
7-Nov-04 UK London ICA
8-Nov-04 France Paris Boule Noire (Festival Les Inrocks)
9-Nov-04 Belgium Ghent Vooruit Cafe
10-Nov-04 Germany Cologne Underground
11-Nov-04 Netherlands Rotterdam Nighttown
13-Nov-04 Germany Berlin Magnet
14-Nov-04 Germany Hamburg Tanzhalle
15-Nov-04 Netherlands Amsterdam Milky Way
18-Nov-04 Spain Bilbao Kafe Antzokia (w/ Tindersticks & Low)
19-Nov-04 Spain Barcelona Razzmatazz 1 (w/ Tindersticks & Low)
20-Nov-04 Spain Madrid Aqualung (w/ Tindersticks & Low)
21-Nov-04 Spain Valencia Republicca 1 (w/ Tindersticks & Low)
23-Nov-04 Germany Cologne Underground
30-Nov-04 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland (w/ Robbers On High Street and tbc)
1-Dec-04 San Fransisco, CA Amoeba Music (in-store)
2-Dec-04 San Francisco, CA Fillmore (w/ Keane)
3-Dec-04 Sacramento CA Blue Lamp (w/ Robbers On High Street and The Sun)
4-Dec-04 Portland OR Dantes (w/ Robbers On High Street and Crimea)
5-Dec-04 Seattle, WA Crocodile (w/ Robbers On High Street)
7-Dec-04 San Francisco, CA Café Du Nord (w/ Robbers On High Street)
8-Dec-04 Los Angels, CA Troubadour (w/ Robbers On High Street and Crimea)
18-Dec-04 Montreal, QC Sala Rosa
19-Dec-04 Montreal, QC Sala Rosa

19-Jan-05 Ireland Dublin Whelans (SOLD OUT)
20-Jan-05 Ireland Belfast Limelight (SOLD OUT)
21-Jan-05 UK Edinburgh Liquid Room
22-Jan-05 UK Glasgow King Tuts (SOLD OUT)
23-Jan-05 UK Leeds Cockpit (SOLD OUT)
25-Jan-05 UK Norwich Waterfront (SOLD OUT)
26-Jan-05 UK Reading Fez Club
27-Jan-05 UK Bristol Fleece (SOLD OUT)
28-Jan-05 UK Stoke Sugarmill (SOLD OUT)
29-Jan-05 UK Cardiff Barfly (SOLD OUT)
31-Jan-05 UK Portsmouth Wedgewood Room (SOLD OUT)
1-Feb-05 UK London Electric Ballroom (SOLD OUT)
3-Feb-05 UK Liverpool Carling Academy 2 (SOLD OUT)
4-Feb-05 UK Manchester Academy 3 (SOLD OUT)
5-Feb-05 UK Sheffield Leadmill
6-Feb-05 UK Nottingham Rescue Rooms
7-Feb-05 UK Leicester Pr Charlotte (SOLD OUT)
9-Feb-05 UK Birmingham Academy 2
10-Feb-05 UK Brighton Concorde 2 (SOLD OUT)
11-Feb-05 UK Oxford Zodiac (SOLD OUT)
13-Feb-05 Belgium Brussels AB Club (SOLD OUT)
14-Feb-05 Holland Groningen Club
15-Feb-05 Netherlands Nijmegen Doornroosje
16-Feb-05 Netherlands Amsterdam Milky Way (SOLD OUT)
18-Feb-05 Norway Oslo Garage (SOLD OUT)
19-Feb-05 Sweden Stockholm Fritz’s Corner @ Debaser
21-Feb-05 France Paris The Black Session (Ntl Radio Session)
23-Feb-05 UK London In-store show and signing at Virgin Megastore, Oxford St.
27-Feb-05 Australia Melbourne Laneway Festival (SOLD OUT)
1-Mar-05 Australia Melbourne Triple J Live @ The Wireless Performance
2-Mar-05 Australia Melbourne Instore at Gaslight Records & Gig at The Prince Of Wales Hotel
3-Mar-05 Australia Sydney Instore at JB Hi Fi Records & Gig at The Gaelic Club Hotel
4-Mar-05 Australia Brisbane Instore @ Skinnys Records & Gig at The Zoo
14-Mar-05 USA New York Filming the Carson Daly show (aired 22/03/05)
16-Mar-05 USA Austin Friends @1pm (as part of the SXSW festival)
17-Mar-05 USA Austin Waterloo Records In -Store @5pm (As part of the SXSW festival)
17-Mar-05 USA Austin Exodus @1am (As part of the SXSW festival)
18-Mar-05 USA New Orleans The Parish (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
19-Mar-05 USA Atlanta (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
20-Mar-05 USA Raleigh (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
21-Mar-05 USA Washington DC 930 Club (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
22-Mar-05 USA Philadelphia North Star (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
23-Mar-05 USA Boston Paradise (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
24-Mar-05 USA New York Irving Plaza (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
27-Mar-05 USA Detroit Magic Stick (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
28-Mar-05 USA Chicago Cabaret Metro (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
29-Mar-05 USA Minneapolis Fine Line (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
30-Mar-05 USA Lawrence Bottleneck (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
31-Mar-05 USA Denver Bluebird (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
2-Apr-05 USA Los Angeles Avalon (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
3-Apr-05 USA San Francisco Great American Music Hall (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
5-Apr-05 USA Seattle, WA Graceland (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
6-Apr-05 Canada Vancouver Commodore Ballroom (With Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
28-Apr-05 UK London Jonathan Ross TV show
29-Apr-05 Norway Bergen Bergen Festival – Club gig
30-Apr-05 Norway Bergen Bergen Festival – outdoor free show in the town square
4-May-05 UK Cambridge Cambridge Junction – part of the Lamacq in the City series for 6Music
6-May-05 Netherlands Groningen Oosterpoort
7-May-05 Holland Amsterdam Paradiso
8-May-05 Netherlands Rotterdam Nighttown
10-May-05 France Paris Nouveau Casino
13-May-05 Japan Osaka Club Quattro – with Broken Social Scene, Stars, Metric, DFA 1979
14-May-05 Japan Tokyo Tokyo Liquidroom – with Broken Social Scene, Stars, Metric, DFA 1979
24-May-05 USA Los Angeles El Rey (SOLD OUT)
25-May-05 USA San Francisco Great American Music Hall
27-May-05 USA Seattle Crocodile Cafe
28-May-05 USA Seattle The Gorge as part of the Sasquatch Festival
30-May-05 USA Salt Lake City Urban Lounge
31-May-05 USA Denver Climax Lounge
2-June-05 USA Lawrence Bottleneck
3-June-05 USA Minneapolis Ascot Room At The Quest
4-June-05 USA Chicago Metro
5-June-05 USA Detroit Magic Stick
6-June-05 USA Cleveland The Grog Shop
8-June-05 USA New York Private (Stuff Magazine Party)
9-June-05 USA Buffalo Lafayett Square (Radio Festival)
10-June-05 Canada Toronto Phoenix Concert Hall (as part of NXNE)
11-June-05 USA New York Bowery Ballroom (SOLD OUT)
12-June-05 USA Boston Paradise
14-June-05 USA Philadelphia North Star Bar
15-June-05 USA Baltimore Fletcher’s
17-June-05 USA Carrboro Cat’s Cradle
18-June-05 USA Nashville Exit/In
19-June-05 USA Atlanta The Earl
22-June-05 UK Northampton Soundhaus
23-June-05 UK London XFM Session
24-June-05 UK London Wireless Festival – Hyde Park London + New Order
25-June-05 UK BBC radio session, 10 – 11am London
26-June-05 UK Glastonbury Festival – Other Stage – 16:20pm
1-July-05 Denmark Roskilde Festival – 21:00
2-July-05 Belgium Werchter Festival – 16:20
3-July-05 Holland Rotterdam Metropolis Festival
5-July-05 UK London The Astoria
7-July-05 Switzerland Montreux Montreux Jazz Festival
9-July-05 Ireland Oxygen Festival New Band Tent – 21:00
10-July-05 Scotland T In The Park X Tent – 17:30
14-July-05 Canada Ottawa Ottawa Blue’s Fest, headline Black Sheep stage
16-July-05 USA New York Siren Festival
19-July-05 Canada Montreal Spectrum

30-April-06 USA Indio Coachella Festival
22-May-06 Canada Ottawa Tulip Festival
10-June-06 Australia Sydney Rebel Rebel
25-June-06 UK London Wireless Festival
26-June-06 UK London ICA
29-June-06 UK Montreal Jazz Festival
1-July-06 Canada Toronto Harbour Front
9-Aug-06 Sweden Oslo John Dee
11-Aug-06 Sweden Gothenburg Kalaset
12-Aug-06 Sweden Stockholm Fritz’s Corner, Debaser
14-Aug-06 Denmark Copenhagen Vega
16-Aug-06 Netherlands Utrecht De Helling
18-Aug-06 Belgium Kiewit Pukkelpop Festival
19-Aug-06 UK Stafford V Festival
20-Aug-06 UK Chelmsford V Festival
21-Aug-06 UK Edinburgh Corn Exchange
22-Aug-06 Ireland Dublin Bud Rising
7-Sep-06 USA Chicago Schubas
9-Sep-06 Canada Toronto V Fest
12-Sep-06 USA New York Bowery Ballroom
15-Sep-06 USA Austin Austin City Limits
26-Sep-06 Canada Toronto MTV Live
27-Sep-06 Canada Toronto Mod Club Showcase
29-Sep-06 USA Philadelphia WXPN Session
4-Oct-06 USA Los Angeles Troubadour
5-Oct-06 USA San Francisco Pop Scene
14-Oct-06 Ireland Dublin The Village
15-Oct-06 Ireland Belfast Limelight
16-Oct-06 UK J Long session
17-Oct-06 UK London Radio 1 Zane Lowe Session
18-Oct-06 UK London Xfm session
20-Oct-06 UK Glasgow Oran Mor
21-Oct-06 UK Newcastle Northumbria Uni
23-Oct-06 UK Manchester Academy 2
24-Oct-06 UK Leeds Cockpit
25-Oct-06 UK Bristol Bierkeller
26-Oct-06 UK London Koko
28-Oct-06 Netherlands Groningen Vera
29-Oct-06 Belgium Brussels Botanique
30-Oct-06 France Paris Maroquinerie
31-Oct-06 Netherlands Amsterdam Milky Way
2-Nov-06 Germany Hamburg Molotow
3-Nov-06 Germany Berlin Mudd Club
4-Nov-06 Germany Muenster Gleis 22
5-Nov-06 Germany Koeln Gebaude 9
6-Nov-06 Germany Munich Ampere
8-Nov-06 Italy Rome Circolo degli Artisti
9-Nov-06 Italy Milan Transilvania
10-Nov-06 Switzerland Lausanne La Romandie
11-Nov-06 Italy Rimini 10 Street Club
14-Nov-06 Canada Ottawa The New Capital Music Hall
15-Nov-06 Canada Kingston A.J.’s Ale House
16-Nov-06 Canada Toronto Lee’s Palace
17-Nov-06 Canada Toronto Lee’s Palace
18-Nov-06 Canada Toronto Lee’s Palace
19-Nov-06 Canada Toronto Press
21-Nov-06 Canada Winnipeg The Venue
22-Nov-06 Canada Saskatoon Louis’ Pub
23-Nov-06 Canada Calgary MacEwan Hall Ballroom
24-Nov-06 Canada Calgary Sonic recording, press.
25-Nov-06 Canada Edmonton The Starlite Room
28-Nov-06 USA Seattle Neumo’s
29-Nov-06 Canada Vancouver Richard’s
30-Nov-06 USA Portland Doug Fir
1-Dec-06 USA San Francisco Independent
2-Dec-06 USA Los Angeles El Ray
4-Dec-06 USA Salt Lake City Urban Lounge
5-Dec-06 USA Denver Bluebird Theatre
7-Dec-06 USA Minneapolis Fine Line Cafe
8-Dec-06 USA Chicago Metro
9-Dec-06 USA Waterloo Starlight
14-Dec-06 Canada Montreal Spectrum

Jan 16 USA Boston Paradise Rock Club
Jan 17 USA Philadelphia TLA
Jan 19 USA New York Webster Hall
Jan 20 USA Washington, DC 9:30 Club
Jan 22 USA Chapel Hill, NV Cat’s Cradle
Jan 23 USA Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits
Jan 24 USA Miami, FL Studio A
Jan 25 USA Orlando, FL The Social
Jan 26 USA Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
Jan 27 USA Nashville, TN Exit/In
Feb 22 UK Bournemouth BIC w/ Keane
Feb 23 UK Birmingham NEC w/ Keane
Feb 25 UK Nottingham Nottingham Arena w/ Keane
Feb 26 UK Cardiff Cardiff Arena w/ Keane
Feb 28 UK London Wembley Arena w/ Keane
Mar 4 Australia Perth Capitol
Mar 6 Australia Brisbane The Columbian
Mar 7 Australia Melbourne Prince Of Wales
Mar 10 Australia Sydney Home
Mar 11 Australia Sydney Playground Weekender, Wisemans Ferry
Mar 15 USA Austin SXSW: Stubbs Party (w/ Bloc Party)
Mar 16 USA Austin SXSW: A&C Night
Apr 4 Canada Ottawa Ottawa Civic Center w/ Sam Roberts
Apr 7 Canada Mont Tremblant Spin Snowboarding Event
May 12 Mexico Mexico City The Polyforum Siqueiros
June 30 Canada Ottawa Molson’s Canada Day Event w/ Bedouin Soundclash
July 11 UK London Royal Festival Hall Bella Union Anniversary Party
July 28 Canada Guelph Hillside Festival
July 29 Canada Toronto Fort York Rogers Picnic

2008 (reverse order)
December 23rd, 2008 – Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Vogue Theatre
December 22nd, 2008 – Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Vogue Theatre – SOLD OUT
December 21st, 2008 – Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Vogue Theatre
December 19th, 2008 – Calgary, AB, Canada @ MacEwan Hall – SOLD OUT
December 18th, 2008 – Calgary, AB, Canada @ MacEwan Hall
December 17th, 2008 – Edmonton, AB, Canada @ Shaw Conference Centre
December 16th, 2008 – Saskatoon, SK, Canada @ Sask Prairieland Park
December 15th, 2008 – Winnipeg, MB, Canada @ Burton Cummings Theatre
December 13th, 2008 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ Sound Academy
December 12th, 2008 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ Sound Academy
November 6th, 2008 – Seattle, WA, United States @ Neumo’s
November 5th, 2008 – Portland, OR, United States @ Berbati’s
November 3rd, 2008 – San Franscisco, CA, United States @ The Independent
November 1st, 2008 – San Diego, CA, United States @ Belly Up
October 30th, 2008 – Los Angeles, CA, United States @ Key Club
October 28th, 2008 – Aspen, CO, United States @ Belly Up
October 27th, 2008 – Denver, CO, United States @ Bluebird
October 25th, 2008 – Madison, WI, United States @ Majestic
October 24th, 2008 – Chicago, IL, United States @ Metro
October 23rd, 2008 – New York, NY, United States @ Hiro Ballroom
October 22nd, 2008 – Hoboken, NJ, United States @ Maxwell’s
October 21st, 2008 – Boston, MA, United States @ Great Scott
October 16th, 2008 – London, United Kingdom @ Porchester Hall
October 15th, 2008 – London, United Kingdom @ Rough Trade (Brick Lane)
October 10th, 2008 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ Music Gallery
October 9th, 2008 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ Music Gallery
October 2nd, 2008 – Montreal, QC, Canada @ Masonic Temple
October 1st, 2008 – Hamilton, ON, Canada @ Casbah
September 30th, 2008 – Waterloo, ON, Canada @ The Starlight

2009 (reverse order)
July 26th, 2009 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ The Harbourfront Centre
July 6th, 2009 – Montreal, QC, Canada @ Club Soda
July 4th, 2009 – Peterborough, ON, Canada @ The Montreal House
July 3rd, 2009 – Ottowa, ON, Canada @ Live Lounge
June 6th, 2009 – Winnipeg, MB, Canada @ West End Cultural Center
June 5th, 2009 – Regina, SK, Canada @ The Distrikt
June 4th, 2009 – Saskatoon, SK, Canada @ Amigos
June 3rd, 2009 – Edmonton, AB, Canada @ The Starlite Room
June 2nd, 2009 – Calgary, AB, Canada @ Theatre Junction Grand
May 31st, 2009 – Kelowna, BC, Canada @ Habitat
May 30th, 2009 – Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Richard’s On Richards Cabaret
May 29th, 2009 – Victoria, BC, Canada @ Sugar Nightclub
May 27th, 2009 – Seattle , WA, United States @ Crocodile Cafe
May 26th, 2009 – Portland, OR, United States @ Douglas Fir Lounge
May 24th, 2009 – San Francisco, CA, United States @ Independent
May 23rd, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA, United States @ Echoplex
May 23rd, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA, United States @ Echoplex
May 22nd, 2009 – San Diego, CA, United States @ The Casbah
May 21st, 2009 – Phoenix, AZ, United States @ Rhythm Room
May 18th, 2009 – Austin, TX, United States @ Parish
May 17th, 2009 – Houston, TX, United States @ Warehouse
May 16th, 2009 – Denton, TX, United States @ Hailey’s
May 14th, 2009 – Columbia, MO, United States @ Mojo’s
May 13th, 2009 – Chicago, IL, United States @ Lakeshore Theater
May 11th, 2009 – Detroit, MI, United States @ Magic Stick
May 10th, 2009 – Columbus, OH, United States @ Skully’s
May 9th, 2009 – Cleveland, OH, United States @ Grog Shop
May 7th, 2009 – Washington, DC, United States @ Black Cat
May 5th, 2009 – Philadelphia, PA, United States @ Johnny Brenda’s
May 4th, 2009 – New York, NY, United States @ Bowery Ballroom
May 2nd, 2009 – Albany, NY, United States @ Valentine’s
May 1st, 2009 – Brooklyn, NY, United States @ The Bell House
April 30th, 2009 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ The Mod Club
February 14th, 2009 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Lunario del Auditorio Nacional
February 13th, 2009 – Guadalajara, Mexico @ Teatro Estudio Cavaret
January 31st, 2009 – Montreal, QC, Canada @ St. James United Church
January 30th, 2009 – Quebec City, QC, Canada @ Theatre Petit Champlain
January 29th, 2009 – Sherbrooke, QC, Canada @ Le Telephone Rouge

May 6, 2010 – Mexico City, D.F., Mexico @ Pasaguero
May 7, 2010 – Mexico City, D.F., Mexico @ Pasaguero
May 8, 2010 – Mexico City, D.F., Mexico @ Pasaguero
September 29, 2010 – Montreal, QC, Canada, Pop Montreal @ Santa Cruz Church
September 30, 2010 – Montreal, QC, Canada, Pop Montreal @ Santa Cruz Church
October 1, 2010 – Montreal, QC, Canada, Pop Montreal @ Santa Cruz Church
October 2, 2010 – Montreal, QC, Canada @ St. James Church (acoustic set)
October 13, 2010 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ The Garrison
October 14, 2010 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ The Garrison
October 15, 2010 – Toronto, ON, Canada @ The Garrison
November 3, 2010 – Brooklyn, NY, USA @ Knitting Factory
November 4, 2010 – Brooklyn, NY, USA @ Knitting Factory
November 20, 2010 – Montreal, QC, Canada, M for Montreal @ Metropolis

February 14, 2011 – Montreal, QC, Canada, DGN ST Lancement at Sala Rosa
February 17, 2011 – Toronto, ON Canada, in-store at SONIC BOOM
Fri March 4, 2011 – Victoria, BC @ Sugar w/ Eulogies
Sat March 5, 2011 – Vancouver, BC @ Venue w/ Eulogies
Mon March 7, 2011 – Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Cafe w/ Eulogies
Tue March 8, 2011 – Portland, OR @ Music Millennium (in-store) w/ Eulogies
Wed March 9, 2011 – San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s w/ Eulogies
Thu March 10, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour w/ Eulogies
Sat March 12, 2011 – Long Beach, CA @ Fingerprints (in-store) w/ Eulogies
Sun March 13, 2011 – Chandler, AZ @ Zia Record Exchange (in-store) w/ Eulogies
Wed March 16, 2011 – Austin, TX @ SXSW (M for MTL showcase)
Thu March 17, 2011 – Austin, TX @ SXSW (Under The Radar showcase + Pure Volume House)
Fri March 18, 2011 – Austin, TX @ SXSW (Swinghouse Showcase + Dangerbird showcase)
Tue March 29, 2011 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Wed March 30, 2011 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
Thu March 31, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA @ North Star
Sat April 2, 2011 – Laval, QC @ Salle Antonine Labelle
Thu April 14, 2011 – Brussels, Belgium @ AB Club
Fri April 15, 2011 – Paris, France @ Le Fleche D’or
Sat April 16, 2011 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg
Mon April 18, 2011 – London, UK @ Borderline (SOLD OUT)
Tue April 19, 2011 – London, UK @ Borderline (SOLD OUT)
Wed April 20, 2011 – Manchester, UK @ Ruby Lounge
Thu April 21, 2011 – Glasgow, UK @ King Tuts
Thu June 30, 2011 – Montreal, QC @ Club Soda (Montreal Jazz Fest)
Fri July 22, 2011 – Guelph, ON @ Hillside Festival (main stage)

March 22, 2012 – Toronto, ON @ El Mocambo (CMW)
July 12, 2012 – Istanbul Modern. Istanbul, Turkey for the Istanbul Jazz Festival.
August 11, 2012 – Hootenanny on Hunter. Peterborough, ON.
December 7, 2012 – Screening and acoustic perf. at Cine Tonala, Mexico City (D.F.), MX.

September 6, 2014 – Toronto, ON @ Rdio Stage / TIFF Festival Street

Monday 14 September 2015 – Mercury Room, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Tuesday 15 September 2015 – SAIT’s the Gateway, Calgary, AB, Canada
Wednesday 16 September 2015 – The Hume Hotel, Nelson, BC, Canada
Friday 18 September 2015 – Rifflandia, Victoria, BC, Canada
Saturday 19 September 2015 – War Child Lounge @ The Atrium, Victoria, BC, Canada
Saturday 19 September 2015 – Fox Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Friday 25 September 2015 – Phi Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada
Friday 2 October 2015 – Beau’s Oktoberfest, Vankleek Hill, ON, Canada
Wednesday 28 October 2015 – Rough Trade NYC, Brooklyn, NY, US
Thursday 5 November 2015 – La Taverne, Saint-Casimir, QC, Canada
Friday 6 November 2015 – Le Sous-bois, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada
Saturday 7 November 2015 – La Petite Boite Noire, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
Thursday 19 November 2015 – L’Anti, Quebec, QC, Canada
Friday 20 November 2015 – Theatre Fairmount, Montreal, QC, Canada
Saturday 21 November 2015 – The Grad Club, Kingston, ON, Canada
Thursday 26 November 2015 – Starlight Social Club, Waterloo, ON, Canada
Friday 27 November 2015 – Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON, Canada
Saturday 28 November 2015 – The Casbah, Hamilton, ON, Canada
Tuesday 8 December 2015 – Constellation Room at the Observatory, Santa Ana, CA, US
Wednesday 9 December 2015 – Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA, US
Saturday 12 December 2015 – The Casbah, San Diego, CA, US
Monday 14 December 2015 – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA, US
Wednesday 16 December 2015 – Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR, US
Thursday 17 December 2015 – Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA, US

Saturday January 23 2016 – Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Friday March 28 2016 – Olympic Sports & Concert Complex, St. Petersburg, RUS
Wednesday March 30 2016 – Salon IKSV, Istanbul, TUR
Friday April 1 2016 – Olypmic Sports Complex, Moscow, RUS
Friday May 27 2016 – National Arts Centre – Studio, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Saturday June 11 2016 – Dundas West Fest, Toronto, ON, Canada

Sat 11 Feb – Salon ISKV – Istanbul, TUR
Mon 13 Feb – 16 Tons – Moscow, RUS
Thu 16 Feb – Privatclub – Berlin, DE – w/ Plants and Animals
Fri 17 Feb – Nochspeicher – Hamburg, DE – w/ Plants and Animals
Sat 18 Feb – Rotown – Rotterdam, NL
Sun 19 Feb – Paradiso – Amsterdam, NL
Mon 20 Feb – Doornroosje – Nijmegen, NL
Tue 21 Feb – Botanique Rotonde – Brussels, BE – w/ Plants and Animals
Wed 22 Feb – Petit Bain – Paris, FR – w/ Plants and Animals
Fri 24 Feb – The Globe – Cardiff, UK – w/ Plants and Animals
Sat 25 Feb – The Fleece – Bristol, UK – w/ Plants and Animals
Sun 26 Feb – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK – w/ Plants and Animals
Tue 28 Feb – Village Underground – London, UK – w/ Plants and Animals
Fri 14 Jul – Patio at Roy Thomson Hall – Toronto, ON – Murray + Natalia + strings
Wed 26 Jul – Foro IndieRocks – Mexico City, MX
Thu 27 Jul – Guanajuato International Film Festival – Guanajuato, MX
Sept 15 – La Tuplie performing No Cities Left – Montreal, QC
Sept 16 – Le Cercle – Quebec City, QC
Oct 5 – Academy 2 – Oxford, UK
Oct 6 – The Haunt – Brighton, UK
Oct 7 – Oslo Hackney – London, UK (sold out)
Oct 9 – Wedgewood Rooms – Portsmouth, UK
Oct 10 – Deaf Institute – Manchester, UK
Oct 11 – Academy – Newcastle, UK
Oct 12 – King Tuts – Glasgow, UK
Oct 13 – Academy 2 – Liverpool, UK
Oct 15 – The Grand Social – Dublin, IRE
Oct 16 – Empire Music Hall – Belfast, UK
Oct 18 – Huis AB – Brussels, BEL – Murray solo
Oct 20 – St Pancras Old Church – London, UK – solo acoustic + strings
Nov 1 – Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY
Nov 2 – Great Scott – Boston, MA
Nov 3 – DC 9 – Washington, DC
Nov 4 – Boot & Saddle – Philadelphia, PA
Nov 8 – Rum Runners – London, ON
Nov 9 – Great Hall – Toronto, ON
Nov 10 – Maxwell’s – Waterloo, ON
Nov 11 – Mansion – Kingston, ON
Nov 16 – Mill’s Hardware – Hamilton, ON
Nov 17 – Phog Lounge – Windsor, ON
Nov 18 – The Warehouse – St. Catharine’s, ON


Feb 24 – 27 Club – Ottawa, ON
Mar 1 – Casbah – San Diego, CA – solo acoustic
Mar 2 – Bootleg – Los Angeles, CA – solo acoustic + strings (sold out)
Mar 3 – Bottom of the Hill – San Francisco, CA – solo acoustic
Mar 6 – Hawthorne Lounge – Portland, OR – solo acoustic
Mar 7 – Chop Suey- Seattle, WA – solo acoustic
Mar 8 – Sugar – Victoria, BC
Mar 9 – Fox Theatre – Vancouver, BC (sold out)
Mar 10 – Habitat- Kelowna, BC
Mar 13 – SAIT – Calgary, AB
Mar 14 – The Aviary – Edmonton, AB (sold out)
Mar 16 – Broadway Theatre – Sasktaoon, SK
Mar 17 – The Exchange – Regina, SK
Mar 18 – WECC – Winnipeg, MB
Mar 20 – 7th St Entry – Minneapolis, MD – solo acoustic
Mar 21 – Schuba’s – Chicago, IL – solo acoustic

2020 & 2021

December: The Dears Christmas Love Holiday Special – Virtual Events


SAT 7 MAY 2022 – Queretaro, MX @ PulsoGNP Festival
THU 22 SEP 2022 – Hamburg, GE @ Reeperbahn Festival
FRI 23 SEP 2022 – Berlin, DE @ Berghain Kantine
SUN 25 SEP 2022 – Paris, FR @ La Boule Noire
TUE 27 SEP 2022 – Rotterdam, NL @ Rotown Rotterdam
WED 28 SEP 2022 – Brussels, BE @ Botanique Rotonde
THU 29 SEP 2022 – Utrecht, NL Tivoli Vredenburg
FRI 30 SEP 2022 – Cambridge, UK @ Portland Arms
SAT 01 OCT 2022 – Liverpool, UK @ District
SUN 02 OCT 2022 – Glasgow, UK @ Hug & Pint
TUE 04 OCT 2022 – Manchester, UK @ Deaf Institute
WED 05 OCT 2022 – London, UK @ The Garage
THU 06 OCT 2022 – Bristol, UK @ Exchange
FRI 28 OCT 2022 – Querétaro, MX @ Sala Arpa
SAT 29 OCT 2022 – Mexico City, MX @ Tabaqueros Tabaqueros
SUN 30 OCT 2022 – Guadalajara, MX @ Rock x la Vida Festival